Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little bit about us...

Hunt Valley Cashmere was born shortly after we purchased 4 Cashmere goats for our farm and we fell in love with their quirky demeanors and amazingly lovely fiber. As the cashmere goat herd grew, so did our business as we attended shows like Maryland Sheep and Wool and Stitches East and the word got out about the unparalleled quality and softness of 100% pure Hunt Valley Cashmere. Hunt Valley Cashmere made the yarn affordable and accessible by growing our own fiber and also buying what we could find domestically and importing what we needed to meet demand. (Did you know that one goat may produce enough fiber for one pair of socks - a year!) Our cashmere line has grown to offer you many colors and weights. We do not have an online purchasing system but can be contacted by phone or email and are happy to accommodate your questions and process your order.

To see the yarn and colors we currently stock, please use the link below. Current prices are listed, but the 2011 prices have not yet been updated, so order as soon as you can!  

To see a list of our colors, please click below:

Hunt Valley Cashmere Color Options 2010

We also have hundreds of members of our "Square of the Month Club," which is an unique opportunity to create a family heirloom afghan in luxurious Cashmere. We use the Great American Aran Afghan book to create a 4-ply, 8-ply, or 12-ply masterpiece in Hunt Valley Cashmere. Members choose their ply and sign up for a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly membership where we send your yarn and charge your account accordingly as you progress. This makes such an amazing project affordable to our knitters. Upon sign-up, we put your yarn aside for your entire project to ensure that it comes from the same goat lot, and automatically ship it to you at your specified schedule. If you get hung up or didn't have time to finish that month's square, just give us a call and we'll slow down your shipments accordingly. The membership can also be canceled at any time.

Many people have personalized their afghans and had a lot of fun with them. Some people substitute squares they don't care for with something else, or a family name or message. The possibilities are endless, but I think we've found a great way to make something this amazing and priceless accessible to our knitters!

To sign up for the Square of the Month Club. please fill out the sign up sheet which can be accessed at the link below. Please return it by email to, or fax it to 410-298-8344or drop it in the mail if you would prefer.

Our next show is Maryland Sheep and Wool which is always the first full weekend in May. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and happy knitting!

To print a copy of our sign up sheet, please click below:

Square of the Month Sign-Up Sheet


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I love this yarn!

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